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Do you think that eating is much more than just nourishment? We do too!

No matter if at corporate events or at private gatherings, we will bring pep to your tastebuds.




Fried Beetroot Bites
Fried breaded beetroot balls with an aioli dip
4,50 €
Beef meatballs in tomato sauce
5,50 €
Brocheta de Pollo
Skewer with grilled onions, bell peppers and chicken
4,90 €
Brocheta de Verdura
Skewer with grilled onions, bell peppers and king oyster mushrooms
4,50 €
Dates in Bacon
Dates wrapped in bacon
5,90 €
Lengua a la Vinagreta
Marinated beef tongue
4,80 €


Serving of 3
10 €
Serving of 4
12 €
Classic minced beef stuffing with olives, boiled egg & fresh spring onions
Pulled chicken with onions, leek & bell pepper
La Keko
Flank steak with onions and bell pepper – Argentinians’ absolute favourite empanada!
Jamón y Queso
Gouda, ham and cream cheese
Cheese and corn stuffing seasoned with homemade chimichurri marinade
Cheese, caramelised onions and oregano
Mozzarella, dried tomatoes & fresh basil
Pumpkin cream with mozzarella cheese (only in autumn)
Traditional creamy corn filling with or without mozzarella cheese
Spinach with coconut milk, corn and bell pepper
Picante Vegana
Spicy soy mince with bell pepper, tomatoes & fresh spring onions
Seasoned kidney bean mash with onions and fresh cilantro

Empanada Dips

Garlic sauce
1,50 €
Argentinian tomato-herb sauce
1,50 €
Salsa Picante
Spicy tomato salsa
0,90 €
Sour Cream
With honey and lime
0,90 €

Empanadas Copetines

The slightly smaller empanadas, perfect for standing receptions and buffets.
Unit price
3 €
Starting at 100 units
2,50 € per unit
Starting at 250 units
2,30 € per unit


Bondiola Burger
Argentinian style pulled pork burger with your choice of sauce, lettuce, onion and tomato
12 €
Vegan Burger
Vegan patty made from chickpeas and lentils in a bun with your choice of sauce, lettuce, onion and tomato
11 €
Beetroot burger
Vegan burger with homemade beetroot patty, sautéed mushrooms, onion rings and aioli
12 €


Celery and Carrot Salad
Light salad
4,90 €
Quinoa Salad
Quinoa trio with red onions, avocado, tomatoes, peppers, fresh mint and orange vinaigrette
5,90 €
Ensalada de Papa Renanense
Light potato salad with mustard dressing and fresh herbs
5,30 €
Seasonal Salad
Fresh vegetables and herbs in season
5,90 €


Blueberry Lemon Panna Cotta
Vanilla panna cotta with lemon glaze and blueberries
5,20 €
Brownie with Dulce de Leche
Brownie with the famous Argentinian caramel sauce
5,20 €


Proviant Bio Limonade
Rhubarb, lemon or orange (0.33l)
3,50 €
Premium Bio Pilsner
Produced by "Premium-Kolletiv" (0.33l - 5 Vol.%)
3,50 €
Viva con Agua Water
Sparkling or flat (0.33l)
3,00 €

Our Selection of Organic Argentinian Wines

Puro Malbec
Organic Argentinian red wine (0.75l bottle)
29 €
Puro Rosé
Organic Argentinian rosé (0.75l bottle)
26 €
Puro Torrontés
Organic Argentinian white wine (0.75l bottle)
27 €


Buffet Service

Set-up, preparation in reusable containers, decoration and cleaning, including up to 2 hours of service
120 €
Tableware and cutlery
4 € pp
4 € pp

Food Truck Service

390 €
We charge for each additional half hour of serving time with
50 €
Travel costs over 50km from the Locura headquarters (petrol, maintenance car and food truck, etc.)
1 €/km drive

Delivery Service

(Empanadas, Salads and Dips)

Drive from Locura headquarters (Cologne Weiden):
Up to 30 minutes
25 €
Up to 45 minutes
45 €
Up to 60 minutes
55 €

Minimum Order

Delivery catering 300 €
Food truck catering 1500 €

The prices stated are net prices, excluding the currently applicable statutory value added tax.

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